So, I set up this blog a couple of months ago in preparation for the summer so that I’ll have something to do to cure my boredom. I haven’t posted anything until now because I wasn’t really sure what I would be writing about – I have a lot to say about a lot of things but not everything would make for a great read.

The reality is that this blog will probably turn into the place where I have a brain-dump and write about what’s happening in my life now and anything that has happened in the past that I want to reflect on or just discuss.

As someone who gets bored with long holiday periods and nothing to do I will probably be more active posting on here and not just about stuff happening in my life. I’m going to have a recipes section for some of my favourite treats and how to make them, as well as a creative, fashion (who’d have thought I’d be writing that!) and review sections. I’m hoping that as I start adding to this blog I’ll find more things to write about and will hopefully have picked up some new hobbies.

So until then!