I recently found out that after being  on a waiting list 6 years I will finally be getting braces! My teeth and especially my smile is something that I’ve always been very self-conscious about, so hearing the words “you’ll have braces before Christmas” felt like a dream. This is a major thing for me and something I have been waiting for for years. I have been waiting for so long that I never thought that I would ever get braces. 

I have to have a couple of teeth taken out before I can have the braces fitted which a small part of me is dreading as I’m already anxious about how my teeth look let alone how they’re going to look in the time between having teeth taken out and my braces fitted. However, feeling like I look stupid for five weeks is something that I can live with because I know as soon as the braces have been fitted I’m going to feel a lot more confident in myself.

Despite my anxieties about my smile, all I can think about is the fact that I am on my way to finally having a smile that I will love! I can’t wait!