Today has been a big day for me emotionally. Just before the new year I applied to change my name and today was the day that the paperwork came through!! I’ve been talking about changing my name for a while now – since before my parents got divorced, but hadn’t necessarily felt ready for the change until recently. I’ve never liked my name anyway, especially my middle names, so my new name has been welcome on a number of different levels.

I’m sure there are some people who are wondering why I’ve changed my name and that’s understandable since most of the people that I know I’m not very close with on a  personal level. However, those who know me better and have been there for me through the ups and downs of the last 4 (21) years of my life will understand that this was something that I needed to do for my own peace of mind. A lot has happened in my life, a lot that I would like to forget, and changing my name is perhaps my way of closing the door on that part of my life that I no longer want to remember.

So, here’s to starting the new year, new decade, and new chapter of my life with the name of my choice, a name that I love and am proud to have!